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Home Health Aide / Personal Care

Assistance with daily routines and tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, getting out of bed, using the bathroom, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, laundry and chores.



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Not sure where to start? Find your Local ADRC

Locate a nearby Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) where help is available. The ADRC, also known as the Area Agency on Aging (AAA), County Office on Aging, or Senior Services, provides information on a broad range of programs and services, helps people understand the various long term care options available to them, helps people apply for programs and benefits, and serves as an access point for long term care. These services can be provided at the ADRC/AAA, via telephone, or possibly through a home visit.

Long-Term Care Insurance - Department of Banking & Insurance
Description: Long-Term Care is a term that is used to describe an array of services that are available to people with prolonged illnesses, disabilities or cognitive disorders. LTC services include health, medical, personal care, and social services. For a breakdown of the various aspects of Long-Term Care and key FAQs, please follow the link to our website.
Services: Government Services
Address: 20 West State Street
PO Box 472, Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 292-2431

NJ Family Leave Insurance (FMLA)
Description: Family Leave Insurance provides New Jersey workers cash benefits to bond with a newborn, newly adopted, newly placed foster child, or to provide care for a seriously ill or injured loved one. While most New Jersey workers who take family leave are covered under the States family leave program, some employers provide Family Leave Insurance through a plan with a private insurance carrier instead. If you are not sure about your coverage, ask your employer.
Service: Government Services
Address: PO Box 387, Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 292-7060

Veteran-Directed Care - Veterans Affairs
Description: Veteran Directed Care gives Veterans of all ages the opportunity to receive the Home and Community Based Services they need in a consumer-directed way. This program is for Veterans who need personal care services and help with activities of daily living. Examples include help with bathing, dressing, or fixing meals. This program is also for Veterans who are isolated, or their caregiver is experiencing burden. Veterans in this program are given a budget for services that is managed by the Veteran...
Services: Caregiver Assistance, Veterans Services
Address: No address listed.
Phone: (800) 698-2411

United States Department of Veterans Affairs (Lyons)
Description: Lyons V.A. Medical Center. Home Based Care: An extended care program administered by the Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System for veterans registered with the V.A. medical care system. V.A. medical care: Free or co-pay medical care as an inpatient or outpatient at V.A. medical facilities may be available. Domiciliary for Homeless Veterans: Residential/Training program for homeless veterans. Counseling is provided to assist with employment, housing and entitlements. Substance Abuse:...
Service: Medical Services, Transportation, Veterans Services
Address: 151 Knollcroft Road, Lyons, NJ 07939
Phone: (908) 647-0180

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Services
Description: PCA services are non-emergent, on-going health related tasks performed by qualified staff in a NJ FamilyCare eligible beneficiarys home. The purpose of the program is to accommodate long-term/chronic or maintenance health care, as opposed to short-term skilled care as is provided under NJ FamilyCare's home health program. The number of hours authorized is based upon medical necessity, as determined by a nursing assessment. An estimated 22,000 people receive this service at any given time.
Services: Government Services
Address: No address listed.
Phone: No Phone listed.

Personal Preference Program (PPP)
Description: The New Jersey Personal Preference Program (PPP) offers an alternative way for NJ FamilyCare Plan A members who qualify for the Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services benefit to remain in their home and active in their community, and does not require the use of a home health care agency. PCA services are non-emergency, health related tasks through NJ FamilyCare. Tasks include help with activities of daily living (ADLs) and with household duties essential to the patient's health and comfort, such...
Service: Government Services
Address: No address listed.
Phone: (609) 631-2481

I Choose Home - NJ (Money Follows the Person)
Description: I Choose HomeNJ (also known as Money Follows the Person) is a Federal program with two main goals: -move people out of nursing homes and developmental centers back into the community; and -re-invest Medicaid dollars saved back into home and community-based services to grow the system Residents who are eligible for Medicaid and have been living in an institutional setting for more than 90 days may be able to move to an independent community setting with supports and services. For the first year...
Services: Caregiver Assistance
Address: New Jersey Long-Term Care Ombudsman
PO Box 852, Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (877) 582-6995

Office of Community Choice Options (OCCO)
Description: The Office of Community Choice Options is responsible for three major functions: Implements nursing facility level regulations, policies and procedures to ensure that Medicaid beneficiaries in need of long-term care receive quality services and appropriate service delivery in the least restrictive care setting; Administers the Pre-Admission Screening program statewide in two Regional Field Offices. Pre-Admission Screening is a care needs assessment process available to persons applying for Medicaid...
Service: Government Services
Address: 45 Kilmer Road
2nd Floor, Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: (609) 704-6050

Personal Assistance Service Program (PASP)
Description: The PASP is a personal care assistance program that provides up to 40 hours per week of routine, non-medical personal care assistance to adults with permanent physical disabilities between the ages 18-70 who are employed, preparing for employment, attending school or involved in community volunteer work and who are able to self-direct their own services. Personal assistants help with personal care tasks including, but not limited to: bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, preparing meals, shopping,...
Services: Government Services
Address: No address listed.
Phone: (888) 285-3036

Statewide Respite Care Program (SRCP)
Description: The New Jersey Statewide Respite Care Program gives a short-term or periodic break to family (or other caregivers) from the demands of daily care for functionally impaired persons, including the frail elderly. This program provides respite care services in order to relieve caregivers of stress from providing daily care. This respite may be provided for a short time, or once in a while. For example, services could be provided to: -Allow the caregiver to take a vacation -Cover care when a caregiver...
Service: Government Services
Address: No address listed.
Phone: (877) 222-3737

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